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My Maison Realty
Single Family Homes
In 2003 Larsen founded My Maison Realty to bring the unmatched service provided to each developer and client to the single family general brokerage market.  By focusing on move up buyers, past clients and ring neighborhoods, Maison Properties has enjoyed tremendous growth and prosperity.  My Maison Realty now enjoys its position as a market leader in some of Charlotte’s most popular neighborhoods.

My Townhome Realty
Realtor Experts in Lofts, Townhomes and Condos
Founded in 1999 by owner T.J. Larsen, My Townhome Realty focused its efforts on the thriving multi-family housing market.  Through the years Larsen has positioned My Townhome and its agents to be a major player in developer representation, on site sales and general brokerage.  My Townhome provides the highest level of training, extraordinary advertising, an unmatched web presence, and a technologically advanced work environment. However, it is the supreme market knowledge of each agent that has made My Townhome an industry leader.

My Home Leasing
Property Management and Leasing Services
Noting changing market trends and driven by a strong desire to offer additional services to the My Townhome investor base, Larsen founded My Home Leasing in 2007.  My Home Leasing provides My Townhome brokers a residual income stream while promoting long term customer relationships.  The long term rewards of the property management business and its ability to promote the continuous and rapid expansion of a the MTH sphere of influence makes the creation of My Home Leasing one of Larsen’s most prized accomplishments.

MTH Real Estate Advisors (MTH-REA)
Strategic guidance and solutions for real estate investors
Provides a knowledgeable, dedicated, connected, and deeply-experienced team of real estate professionals that preserve and create value in today’s real estate landscape by utilizing a range of traditional and non-traditional real estate services for both commercial and residential properties.

More than just brokerage and management, today’s asset owners and investors need realistic strategic guidance based on the most current information to make the best decisions. Once the appropriate plan is in place, we provide customized turn-key real estate solutions with flexible ease of implementation. Among all real estate advisory companies, MTH-REA is unique due to its capability to offer property value enhancement and consolidation via one-off or turnkey real estate services by leveraging professional relationships.

Assets are improved with maximum creativity gleaned from the marketplace, MTH-REA’s sister companies, and its unique team-oriented, problem-solving business model.


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