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Lead Conversion Training

In our last video we covered the Mastermind Group, which is one of our training opportunities for our new and veteran agents. The objectives for those meetings include closing out action items, creating new action items and tasks and of course talking about the customer relationships that we have so that we can each develop […]
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Mastermind Sessions

Why is coaching so important? Coaching is critical for everyone, I don’t care what industry you’re in. Whether it’s real estate or something else, everybody needs coaching. I’ve had a business coach myself and it had a huge impact on my career. We want to make sure that we can impart wisdom and give Realtors […]
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Open House Lead Sources

In our previous video we discussed the importance of direct mail and online marketing. In this video we discuss the next lead source that I would recommend to Realtors, which is the open house. It is a phenomenal way for agents to meet face to face with customers. If I don’t have listings already how […]
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